Cakes & baking has been a big part of our lives. Every birthday was a special event that brought all the Aunties, Uncles, cousins and grandparents together. The house was full of fun and conversations. The cakes were always the centerpiece from your traditional Dolly Varden cake to your cricket bat.  We all had our favourite cake for our day made by our  Auntie Vi.  I was lucky enough to share my birthday with my Uncle Charlie who made our day extra special.

Every other day was baking biscuits with my Lovely Nana, Mother, and Aunties.  They disappeared before they could cool down.  My brother would make me mad for pinching the cookie dough before all the ingredients were added.  It still does when I think of it. But these are all part of the fantastic memories brought together with delicious Cakes & desserts.  We all had our specialty and still do to this day.

We at Cakes Of Distinction Believe that your Wedding Cake & Special Occasion Cakes should be designed to reflect your personality and sense of style. Our personalised service offers us to work together to create your cake that will be looked upon and spoken about for years to come. With over 20 years of experience, and with our techniques and qualifications we can create your distinctive designed cake to look great and taste amazing too.

Cakes of Distinction are a boutique cake shop located in Ascot Vale, Victoria.We are dedicated primarily to Wedding Cakes and all Special Occasion Cakes and are renowned for designs which marry colour and creativity with taste and texture, Attention to detail and personalised service.

For elegant, innovative and totally captivating cakes, visit Cakes of Distinction.

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